Sunday, September 11, 2011


Gracious and Compassionate God!

Verse for Today: Sunday, September 11, 2011

Psalms 116:5 – The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.

Today we are challenged to experience the Lord God Almighty who is gracious, righteous and compassionate to His children. He shows grace to His children who go to Him for help. Actually they deserve punishment for their iniquities, but He has already compensated for it all through the death of Jesus on the cross. He is a righteous God who had to punish the offender. But instead of punishing us who are the offenders, He allowed His Son to take up our iniquities and die on our behalf. The Father made His a scapegoat for us who are the true sinners. Because the Son paid the price of our sins, we are today made righteous. So today God considers us as right through the righteousness of Jesus. The Father shows grace to us and gives us all the privileges in His presence that we do not deserve. He has shown mercy to us by not giving us hell which was what we truly deserved. He has compassion on us because He knows that if He deals with us according to our iniquities, none of us would exist for even a moment in this world. We would all be wiped out just as Ananias, Sapphira, Achan or Korah. He understands our frailties and deals with us accordingly with compassion and kindness. He helps us to get victory over our weaknesses and infirmities. He strengthens us with His Word and Spirit to believe on Him and to trust in His power to deliver us from the power of sin. The grace, mercy and compassion of our Lord are available for us to enjoy today and to live victoriously on a daily basis.

Dear friend, when you experience failure in your life of devotion to the Lord, it is likely that the enemy of your soul will try to convince you that there is no hope for you because of your offence committed to God. This is sufficient to make you backslide because of the feeling given in your mind that you might not be any longer acceptable to God. But our God treats us like a father treats his children when they disobey him. He might spank us, but His love for us will not dwindle. He will not forsake us nor give us up. Instead, He will come to us with grace and mercy. He understands our frailties and helps us to confess it to Him so that He can forgive us out of His compassion and grace. He wants to give us a new beginning each day of our lives. Each morning when we wake up from our sleep, He helps His repentant children a new start on a clean slate. It is up to us to keep it clean by trusting in His strength and power demonstrated through His Word and Spirit. He helps us with His Word and His Spirit to perform the cleaning process in our hearts. Our compassionate God will be with us each day to help us to keep trusting Him. Thus He meets our spiritual needs and will help us to grow in Him. He will also meet our daily mundane needs to keep us going by working in our situations. He will open newer doors for us and give us opportunities so that our needs can be met according to His riches in glory. His challenge to us today is to trust Him to meet our needs on the basis of His grace and compassion that flows to us from His presence. In His grace, He would give us far more than we would deserve and fill our lives with Himself as the compassionate Father.

1 Timothy 1:2 – Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord to (you).

Thought for Today
We receive compassion and mercy from God to meet all our needs because of His abundance of grace and not because we deserve it.

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