Monday, September 12, 2011


The Singing Pilgrim

Verse for Today: Monday, September 12, 2011

Psalms 119:54 – Your statutes are my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.

A child of God is a pilgrim in this world. He has a destination and he is on a race to reach there. But his pilgrimage is going through this world which is like a wilderness and he treads the enemy territory. During the sojourn, he is given direction by the Lord so that he will not lose his way. This world is filled with the heat of life with all its tensions, battles of nerves, stress, anxieties and tumults. There are also a lot of distractions created by the enemy of our soul. The world offers shade and water to drink for the weary traveler which is proved to be deceptions to somehow lure us to go astray. But the pilgrim realizes that this world is not his home, and that he is given a temporary lodging here by the Lord. The night rest allowed by the Lord is a time of preparation for him to continue with the journey, and not a time of vacation and leisure. But during these nights the Lord gives him sweet songs of hope and faith to sing as he falls asleep. These songs are the means of powerful spiritual rejuvenation for the traveler to renew great expectations which lie ahead of him. As he sing these spiritual songs, his heart is strengthened to draw closer to the Lord in his love and devotion to Him. But when the morning dawns, he gets up to get going forward because he has miles to go. One of these days, his journey will end and he will be with his Lord whom he has been awaiting to see expectantly. He knows that he doesn’t have any permanent abode in this world and that his home is in Heaven. Each night he sing these sweet songs of salvation and praise the Lord for bring him thus far. The Lord who has brought him so far is faithful to keep him going till he reaches his destination.

Dear friend, are you tired of the travel through this weary land? It is likely that the hot wind of the pressures of life which blow on you might make you thirsty. But remember, you are walking with the Lover of your soul on whom you can lean on as you feel weary and weak. He prepares a table of blessings for you even on this journey so that you can partake from the heavenly feast of all the blessings that the Father has prepared for you to enjoy. These heavenly blessings will take away all your weariness and frustrations. There is enough for you to drink to quench your deepest thirst and plenty to eat to satisfy all your longings at the feast of the Lord. You are also reminded to watch out for the tactics that the enemy will use to lure you away from the temporary house of your pilgrimage. Some in the past have been lured away to become popular (Demetrius), wealthy (Demas), prestigious (Lot), greedy (Soul), opportunistic (Shimei) and covetous (Simon the Sorcerer) and they stand as warning signals for us to live carefully. Let us sing the songs about the faithfulness of our Lord and find comfort in Him rather than taking the detours the world offers. Let us not take our eyes off the Lord and get off His track. Let us trust Him to meet our needs of all kinds and not through the shortcuts offered by the gods of this world. As we keep singing to the Lord, His showers of blessings will be upon us to cool us down in the heat of this sojourn. Let us count our blessings of the past and look forward for His leading and guiding each step of the way so that we can live joyfully, lacking nothing in this world.

Psalms 77:6 – I remembered my songs in the night; my heart mused and my spirit enquired.

Thought for Today
There is a song in the night for God’s children to sing when we are in the dark valleys of life to comfort and strengthen us till the morning breaks.

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