Saturday, September 17, 2011


My Safety and Security!

Verse for Today: Saturday, September 17, 2011

Psalms 140:7 – O Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, You shield my head in the day of battle.

Acknowledging the sovereignty of the Lord in our lives is a matter of great comfort and strength for God’s children. It stems from the fact that the Lord delivers His children from the snares of the enemy and keeps them as the apple of His eyes. He gives them victory in all their battles according to His sovereign will and at His best time. He is acknowledged as the strong deliverer of His children as His strength is far superior to all the powers of darkness put together. No power in this universe can overcome the strength of the Lord which encompasses around His children all the time. He delivers them at all times in His own way. Some of us are saved from getting into trouble. Some others are kept safe as they go through trouble. There are those who are allowed to endure the perils of the troubles with His abundant grace to come out of it without bitterness. But all through the trouble, the Lord covers the heads of His children by making Himself their shield. When their heads are covered by Him, they are spared from the thoughts of unbelief, doubt, confusion and faithlessness entering into their heads. As He covers their heads, they are covered by His Word which is the Lord Himself. This is the reason why the Lord asked His disciples to dwell in His Word continuously. If we thus abide in His Word, the Word will strengthen our hearts and minds and fill us with the glory of the Lord so that the attacks of the enemy will not weaken our minds. We must understand that the greatest battle today in this world is for our minds and not for our bodies. So we need a buffer for our minds which can only be possible if we saturate ourselves with His Word. The Word will strengthen us and fill our hearts with faith and trust in the Lord so that we would not fall a prey to unbelief, doubt and confusions, but will be kept strong in our faith in the Lord and His promises.

Dear friend, your heart and head are made secure today from the tactics of the enemy to weaken your faith and trust in the Lord. If you take time to surrender your thought life to the Lord and allow only the Word of the Lord to grow in your heart, you can be rest assured that your mind will stay securely on the Lord. Then none of the fiery darts of the enemy will baffle your mind and shake your faith. The Lord stands guard at the door of your heart to block you from being weakened by the enemy. His Word and His Spirit will also be door keepers of your life. Thus your heart and life will become a fountain of faith, trust, courage and confidence in Him. This doesn’t mean that He is not committed to grant you physical protection. He will protect your body also because it was purchased on the cross of Calvary through His precious blood. So the Lord is certainly your strong deliverer from all snares of the enemy and He shields your body from getting hurt. His angels also encompass around you to see to it that you are protected from the attacks of the enemy. At the same time, He safeguards your spiritual interests by making you strong in your faith. When the enemy sends out his darts against you, the Lord will stand between you and the dart so that the tactics of the enemy become ineffective. The Lord performs all these ministries for us because He is full of compassion, love, kindness, grace and mercy which He extends to us all the time. But for us to enjoy these blessings, we must put all our trust in Him, and should not lean on to our human understanding. When we put our faith in His strength and power to deliver us from all the attacks of the enemy by becoming our shield, we will be able to enjoy His deliverance and live with confidence in Him. May that be our experience today and every day of our lives because we have His assurance that we will be safe in His arms and secure on His shoulders!

Psalms 33:20 – We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.

Thought for Today
We are called upon to enjoy ultimate safety and security in the Lord who is our shield and deliverer.

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