Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sympathetic Saviour

Verse for Today: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hebrews 4:15a – For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses.

The intercessory ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ for us encourages us to live and keep going in spite of our failures and weaknesses. He knows that we are dust and are susceptible to fail in spite of best desires and intentions. Prophet Isaiah and Apostle Paul acknowledged this and declared their weaknesses and failures in the presence of God. They could not think of themselves nothing other than wretched and woeful people as they approached the Holy God in His glory. So they went to His presence in utter penitence and confession. But their Lord did not scold them or find fault with them. Instead, they were purged by the Lord with His Word which was a benevolent act to help and strengthen them. When Peter disowned the Lord, all that the Lord did was to look at Peter which was an act of compassion and love. Jesus wanted Peter to acknowledge the gravity of what he did and repent. The look of the Master made Peter confess his sin and weep bitterly. When Peter went back fishing, the love of the Lord went after him to fill his cravings, but restored him back to faith. When we fall and fail in our spiritual life, our Lord Jesus makes intercession for us before the Father in Heaven and helps us to get restored through His Word and Spirit. He knows our weaknesses and sympathizes with us. He forgives our weaknesses and failures and draws us to Himself to rebuild us. His strength is made manifest in our weaknesses so that all that we are will be acknowledged because of Him and not because of our merit or capacity to do good. When we go to Him and confess our failures, He will always forgive us. He invites us to go to Him unconditionally. If we have burdens, we can go to Him and place our burdens on Him. If we are tired, we will be strengthened by His Spirit. When we are depressed, we will be revived by His Spirit. When we are weary, He will give us rest. He knows each of us with our weaknesses and will empower us through the power of His resurrection and make us stand strong for Him.

Dear friend, are you weak and weary today because of the burdens of failures, weaknesses and inabilities that you carry in your daily life? Perhaps you are carrying your burden all by yourself and that makes you weary and lonely. But there is no need for you to carry your load all by yourself. Your Lord is willing and able to carry your heavy load if you let Him do it. He will not scold you for the weight that you have in your life. Perhaps it is because of your special situation that you are forced to carry the load. Perhaps you mismanaged and messed up your affairs through impulsive behavior and immature decisions. It might also be because others have pushed you into the present mess that you are in. It can also be because of the changes in your environment. In all of these, you and your kith and kin might find fault with you. But your Lord will restore your life from your past mistakes and situational changes in your life so that you can live a victorious life. But He wants you to allow Him to handle your affairs. He expects you to give Him a free hand to restore you the way he wants according to His divine wisdom. He wants you to consult Him when you make decisions. He wants you to make Him your priority on a daily basis. As you go to Him, the Lord will be very sympathetic and considerate to you. He will be like a bridge over troubled waters for you. He will carry you in His hands when you are unable to cross the high tide and the fiery furnace of situations. Today the Lord invites you with a heart full of sympathy and compassion to help you live a life of rest and peace if you are willing to hand your life over to Him.

Psalms 103:8 – The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.

Thought for Today
God comes to His children out of sympathy and love to help them out of their failures and bring them to restoration and victory.

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