Monday, November 29, 2010

Contentment vs. Complaints

Verse for Today: Monday, November 29, 2010
Psalms 74:16 - The day is Yours, and Yours also the night; You established the sun and the moon.

Any person who makes any thing is naturally its owner. The maker has some purposes behind each item that is made. It is made according to the owner's plan and the owner meets all the expenses. Until its purposes are met, the owner will preserve that which is made and possess it. This is true about the seasons, times and their corresponding boundaries. The Bible emphatically underscores that God is the creator of times, seasons and days with their boundaries with a great purpose. He has made it all for man to live in this puny planet. It seems the solar system is working ultimately for the earth so that man can live here. God wanted man to live happily and so He provided for all that man needed for a peaceful and contented life. But the greed and discontentment of man has paved the way for sin to enter the world and ever since that event, man has lived with some degree of dissatisfaction. God proved to man that only God can provide ultimate satisfaction to man. God created man to work during the day and to rest during the night. God provides almost all that man needs through sun, and give him light during day and night. In spite of it all, God wanted man to remember that God has a purpose in providing all that man requires so that he can be a contented person and be grateful to the provider. It can be seen that our dissatisfaction has caused us to live in competition, conflict and craving for more. Discontentment causes tremendous stress in man's life and makes man susceptible to sickness, and subsequently spend most of what he makes to become healthier. But God is inviting man to live a contented life and glorify Him instead of leading a life of anxiety, stress, tension and conflict.

Dear friend, are you a worrier for yourself or a warrior for God and His cause here on earth? Is your life a series of conflicts and arguments, not only with others, but even with yourself? Is your life one of contentment in what God has given you, or one of perennial dissatisfaction, grumbling and frustration? There is no need for you to live a discontented life and waste the opportunity God has given you to be happy and satisfied. He has given you the day to enjoy His creation and praise Him as you enjoy the provisions for your life, including the salvation of your soul. Your nights are for you to rest and sleep so that you can regain the lost energy, and continue to look at the nature and see His glory in it all and praise Him. He gives us the basic necessities of life to enjoy so that we will use our energies to do what is pleasing to God. He gives us sleep at night when God stands guard over us. He leads us during the day and night by His light through His Spirit and His Word so that we will know how to walk on His pathway towards our destination. If we do not have time to praise Him for all the ways by which He leads us, we would miss the opportunity to be grateful to Him for His provisions for us. Let us thank the Lord for all His provisions for us to live for His glory and enjoy all His creation rather than waste our time running after the mirages of this world from one dissatisfaction to another. Let us be contented people because we are already seated in the Heavenly places where there is no room nor need for complaints and grumblings. If only we know what all things the Lord has given us, we would never want to complain.

1 Timothy 6:6 - But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Thought for Today
True knowledge about all the provisions of God will make us more and more grateful and satisfied.

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