Friday, November 19, 2010

Songs in the Lonely Nights

Verse for Today: Friday, November 19, 2010
Psalms 68:6 - God makes a home for the lonely; He leads out the prisoners into prosperity; only the rebellious live in a parched land.

The greatest bondage in the lives of human beings is loneliness. It is worse than living alone in an island with no possibility for any contact with any other humans in the world. One can be lonely even in a crowd. This is the feeling of being all alone and not having any one to communicate with. It is a situation of friendlessness. It gives one a sense of detachment from others. It is as if one is desolate, and is isolated from others, with no one to share or express any human emotions with. This happens for geographical reasons, but also because others isolate and reject us from their communities. It is perpetuated when the enemy of our souls maligns and misrepresents us, to create and to keep a wall between us and others around us. The enemy wants to frustrate us so that out of our feeling of solitude, we would lose togetherness and thus push us into despair, to ultimately slip away from faith and trust in God. The Psalmist had to go through such experiences when he was made to run around like a stray dog and live in caves, wilderness and mountains. But he had the privilege to trust in the Lord who broke his bondage of loneliness. Even in his solitude, the Lord gave him company and fellowship and made him rejoice in the Lord. It was in those years that the Lord enabled David to pen and to sing several sweet songs of salvation and write melodious hymns about the grace and mercy of the Lord. The Lord also renewed His promises to David that His love would make even the desert a cool garden and green pasture. David learned that with the Lord, even prison is a palace and desert is a banquet hall. He also had the assurance that the promises of the Lord will come true according to His divine plan and that the Lord would pull him out of his place of loneliness and make him live in the warmth of a home where there is immeasurable prosperity and goodness. David also learned that even in a palace, the rebellious and wicked sinners live as if it is a prison and a desert. But David enjoyed Heaven in a desert while his detractors lived in palaces which were places of torment.

Dear friend, do you feel lonely today? Perhaps you are a prisoner of your situations and that you are friendless. Perhaps there are very few who understand you and sympathize with you. It is likely that others including fellow brethren think that your situation is God's punishment on you. You probably find that all around you is only misrepresentations and misinterpretations. There might be people who would not like you to ever come out of your sad situations. But even there, the Lord is with you and He is your refuge and comfort. He will see to it that your prisons and loneliness are times of great spiritual blessings like the experience of Paul in the Arabian Desert or Peter and Joseph in the dungeons. Perhaps you are going through times like that of Job when even the best of friends come to find fault and not find reasons to pray with you to strengthen your soul. It might be a time when the enemy of your soul would come and whisper in your ears that there is no hope for you and that you will end up in these caves or dungeons. But remember that our Lord has great purposes in even permitting you to be alone for a time. It is used by the Lord to teach you that His fellowship is sweeter than that of the company of any number of people around you. He gives songs in the night even in the dark dungeons of life. It was in the prison that John Bunyan wrote the best of his works including "The Pilgrim's Progress". It was in prison that Paul was blessed with the writing of some part of the Bible. Most of the greatly comforting Psalms came out of the lonely days and nights the Lord allowed David to go through. Let us today thank the Lord for the sweet songs in the night that He gives us when we are in the parleys of solitude. So let us not waste our loneliness and detachment, but use it to commune with the Lord and receive great revelations about the beauty and the glory of the Lord who was once a lonely man for us on this earth. He will teach you wonderful lessons about how to convert your friendless nights to Heavenly bliss. Your prison cells of loneliness will become prisms through which the glory of the Lord will be reflected. We will soon be in our Heavenly Home which will take away all our loneliness, wipe all our tears and give us inexplicable joy and satisfaction.

Song of Songs 2:4 - He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His banner over me is love.

Thought for Today
When I commune with the Lord all alone in a dungeon or cave, these become Heaven for me.

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