Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Verse for Today: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Psalms 65:4b - We are filled with the good things of your House, of your Holy Temple.

A child of God is a truly happy person because he has a Father who has an eternal home which is full of good things to meet his every need. So God's children abound in all the things that they enjoy from their Father's house. They have privileges in their Father's home and there is a great inheritance kept for them. They have access to all that is there in Heaven through their Lord Jesus Christ. Even while they are here on earth, they have the privilege of being seated in the Heavenly places and are blessed with all the blessings of the Heavenly places. As soon as a person accepts the Lord Jesus as savior and Lord, he or she has direct access to the Father's house and can start enjoying all the blessings of Heaven. They can have the joy of the Lord which becomes their strength. They imbibe into all the power that is theirs through the Holy Spirit. They are strengthened by the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. As God's royal priesthood, His children go to His house, the Holy Temple, to offer sacrifices of praise to the Father. When we thus appropriate and enjoy all the good things which are kept for us in the House of the Lord, our life becomes one of excitement, thrill, contentment and expectancy. Our life becomes a life of perennial praise, singing, worship and intimate fellowship with God. It is a life of close walk with the Lord into the depths of the character and beauty of God and to get lost in the wonder and awe of this great God with whom we dwell. We are under His wings and kept under His shadow. We are protected from the evil forces in this world which is going to be destroyed. It certainly is a great privilege to know this God who is our Father and to live for His glory here on earth as if we are living in Heaven.

Dear friend, are you aware of the depth of privileges you have as the precious child of the Father in Heaven? Do you realize that you have free access to all the goodness this Father has for all His children and it is yours to possess and enjoy. So there is no reason why we should live as if we are paupers in this word. We might be looked at as poor in the material realm, but we are rich in Heaven because all the resources of the Father are ours. The riches, positions and prestige of this world will have no permanency and will disappear one of these days, but what is awaiting us in the House of the Father will never fade or wrinkle. These blessings are beyond estimation and far above any human imagination. The mysterious thing is that these blessings are available for us here and now. They are available for us to live daily by drawing from it according to our desire and need. God's peace that passes all understanding is available for us for daily living in the context of turmoil and conflicts of any order. God's love is available for us to live in a world of hatred, terrorism and wars. God's unspeakable joy is available for us in this world which is buying entertainment with money in order to be happy. He feeds the sparrows and dresses up the lilies of the valley. He has fed prophets through ravens, and paid taxes for His children through coins which came form the mouth of fish. He multiplies one lunch into gourmet meal for thousands of people. He turns well water into the tastiest wine in split seconds. He converts the bitter water of marah into sweet mineral water of the highest order in no time. He opens vast oceans for His children to walk on dry land. He is the God of the impossible and leads His children victoriously through fire and water, and keeps them safe even in the dens of hungry lions. He is our Father and all that we want are in His Treasure House in Heaven for us to draw upon by faith and live joyfully day by day. So there is absolutely no scope for His children to fret or wallow over petty things. Today let us live as princes and princesses because we are children of the great King.

Psalms 84:4 - Blessed are those who dwell in Your House; they are ever praising You.

Thought for Today
The Great King's children ought to live today not as paupers, but as princes and princesses and be a blessing to all whose lives they touch.

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