Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mirage or Mystery

Verse for Today: Saturday, November 06, 2010

Psalms 49:5 - Why should I fear in the days of adversity when the iniquity of my foes surrounds me?

The life style of the foes of the people of God is to surround them with wicked ways. Their style comes from their master, Satan, who is only interested in terrorizing God's people. But when these wicked acts of the enemy come face to face with us, we need to remind ourselves that there is no need for us to be afraid of them. It is their tactic to attack us, but our prerogative not to be afraid of them. If only we keep our eyes open, we will be able to see the large array of protection forces that are around us. The army of Heaven encompasses around us. If we open our eyes of faith, we will be able to see chariots of fire around us. We have the tremendous power of the Spirit of God around us. There are so many of our dear ones who are praying for us and their fellowship in intercession is another layer of protection around us. Sometimes, we are down due to various reasons, but cannot be out because we are eternally secure in the hands of the Lord and no one can pluck us out from there. So adversity is no reason for us to be afraid, but when adversity strikes, we hold more firmly on to the Lord and renew our trust in Him each moment by moment. He will strengthen our souls and empower us to face these adversities with praise on our lips and smile on our face. We do not need to be upset when the wicked flourishes in this world because this is the only flourishing they can have. Unless they accept God's salvation through Jesus Christ, they will end up in eternal damnation. All the wealth or health they accumulate in this world in this life will perish here itself. On the other hand, we might be poor and in ill-health, but we are rich in Heaven and spiritually healthy which are most important. We should not make ungodly comparisons about the frustrating mirages of this world and become weary and fearful about our own situations.

Dear friend, is it likely that today you are weary about what is going on around you? Are you bewildered because of the attacks of the evil forces which are around you? Do you have the temptation to compare yourself with the wealth and well-being of the worldly people? These thoughts are the enemy's ploy to destabilize you and make you slowly drift from your strong faith in the Lord. When such debilitating thoughts come to you, lay it at the foot of the cross and leave it there. Ask the Lord in prayer to take away such discouraging thoughts and strengthen your faith. Seek the help of the Lord to open your eyes to see the chariots of fire which are around you to protect you. Look into the future which is prepared for you by the Lord and make these sublime thoughts control your minds about the glorious future He has prepared for you. All that you see around you among the wicked in terms of possessions and wealth, power, prestige and prominence will move away like a curtain and all those who depended on these temporal things will be in utter chaos and confusion and finally slip into eternal fire. But we will be ushered into a glorious eternity where we will enjoy all the blessings of the Heavenly places with our Lord. Our enemies will not be there to trouble us any more. There won't be any more gossip, treachery, animosity, trials, adversities or ill-health there. It is a land without night and we will be in eternal bliss. Let us live this life as a pilgrimage, suffer the heat of this wilderness journey and await the glorious eternity where we will soon be ushered into. All our tears will be wiped and all our heartaches will be removed from us permanently when we are with the Lord in this blessed eternity in Heaven. So dear friend, there is no need for us to be afraid, but let us look to the future with a smile and with exciting expectation about our blessed future which is an awaiting mysterious reality far beyond any imagination.

Hebrews 11:16 - 30 - They were glad when (the sea) grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.

Thought for Today
Life is not a race to grab the best the world can offer, but a sojourn to our glorious home city which we already possess.

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