Friday, November 26, 2010

Wonders Behind the Scene

Verse for Today: Friday, November 26, 2010
Psalms 72:18 - Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who alone works wonders.

There are many in this world today who claim to have power to perform wonders and miracles. Their predecessors in all the past generations used Satanic power to try to imitate the works of God and thus to impress upon the people around that whatever God does can be replicated by them. But we see that they fail when the crucial testing time comes. This was what happened to the Egyptian magicians and the Babylonian enchanters. While they watched, the power of our God was demonstrated and proved without the shadow of a doubt which made even heathen confess that the God of Heaven and Earth was the only one who performed wonders and miracles. We do not need to go too far to understand this truth, but to take a simple look at the creation of God. But we must be quick to accept the fact that even though all the wonders of God are miracles in the sight of man, to God these are His normal acts to take glory to Himself. God who is above time interferes in time to do things quickly. But even in time, and under normal circumstances, it is our God who does everything for His glory. He can make wine in split seconds as well as in the course of time, but it is all done by Him. God heals in split seconds as well as over a period of time. It is God who blows the wind and stops the wind in a moment or over a period of time. God turns things and situations around to accomplish His special purposes in this world today. He gives sleep to the sleepless and at the same time prevents a king from sleeping so that through the king God's purpose is met. He can make, break and re-do things during a period of time as well as in a moment. He alone works wonders in this world because He alone has the power to do it and He does it as it pleases Him at His will and as per His schedules. As we watch to see how God's plans and purposes unfold in our lives, many of the events that we go through are miraculous which stem solely from God. But our daily chores are also ruled and overruled by the same God to see to it that His purpose in our lives is accomplished. How then can we stop worshipping this marvelous God who works wonders in our daily lives?

Hello dear friend, do you see the wonder working hand of God in your life and in the lives of those around you? It is a fact that if we look at the way things unfold each day to sustain our lives, we can see how God works wonders all the time in the nature that He has created and in our bodies and minds. How many times have you experienced the miraculous working of the Lord in your daily lives? We do not always see how He protects us from evil and from the attacks of the enemy of our souls. How He rules and overrules in our bodies to sustain our lives is unknown to even the best experts of medical science. He works in seasons, environment, air, water and the entire creation for man to live to glorify Him in this world. But sadly man does not take time to understand God and how He works all these wonders and miracles to sustain us so that we would know Him personally and live for His glory. But when we meditate on what He is doing for us each day, we would certainly prostrate before Him and worship Him continuously. This is what we are going to do in eternity, but this life today on earth is a prelude for our life of worship in Heaven. It is also interesting to realize that when we have such a wonder working God who is engaged in looking after us round the clock, we ought to be truly thankful. This truth is so powerful as to move our hearts to live victoriously without fear or anxiety to face the realities of life each day. It is this truth that makes us live as the bond servants and true worshippers of this wonder working God and get ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of Him. That is all that He expects from us in return for all the wonders that He performs for us. We do not even know most of these wonders because under normal circumstances, our God works behind the scene and silently. His mighty acts, though behind the scene, speak so loudly about His loving kindness and infinite mercy towards us. Let us today and each day of our lives give Him all honor, glory, praise, worship, adoration and homage for who He is and what He has been doing for us.

Psalms 71:19 - Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, You who have done great things. Who, O God, is like You?

Thought for Today
Sincere human minds will see that all that God does is a wonder and a miracle.

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