Monday, November 15, 2010

Satisfaction above Circumstances

Verse for Today: Monday, November 15, 2010
Psalms 63:5 - My soul is satisfied with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise You.

It is very difficult to find satisfaction in life when a person is in very unfavourable circumstances and when there is no scope for any comforts in life, . An experience in a desert even for an hour can easily take away the contentment of a life time. But that is not the case with David who is writing from a desert that he is fully satisfied where he was and with what meager resources and comfort that he could lay his hands on. Why these words of utmost satisfaction come out of David is because he is able to enjoy the presence of God even in a desert. He is most concerned about the contentment and joy in his soul and not about the comforts for his body. As his soul communes with the Lord in the heat and thirst of a desert, the soul does not even think about such external things, but only about the spiritual environment he is enjoying in his soul. The renewal of his soul took away the spirit of grumbling and put him in a state of highest level of satisfaction as if he is in the best banquet hall of the palace of a king. Not only that, his spiritually renewed mind makes him sing songs of praise to the Lord for His leading, guiding and the special grace extended in the worst of circumstances. For David, the Lord was far more important and sufficient than his external environment. He felt that when He had the Lord and His presence with him, that was far greater than any thing else that he could desire in life. When he looked into the dusty and hot environment of the desert through the eyes of the Lord, he could not be more joyful, as if he was in the cozy parlours of a royal palace. Such an attitude is the result of total submission to the will of the Lord. The Lord expects all His children to enjoy the highest level of intrinsic satisfaction in all circumstances because the presence of the Lord makes a whole world of difference wherever they are.

Dear friend, are you by any chance in a dusty, hot and miserable situation like that of the Psalmist? Do you find your environment very difficult to cope with? Is the heat of the situation making you feel weary and frustrated? If so, it is time you remind yourself of the fact that your Lord is with you where you are now. His presence makes your environment something like Heaven here on earth. Wherever the Lord is present, that is His Holy Presence which is Heaven. So when we realize that the Lord is there with us in our difficult circumstance, we should be able to find satisfaction. That was the experience Paul and Silas had even in a dungeon which made them sing songs and worship the Lord even when their bodies were badly bruised and their feet were in stocks. Paul wrote joyful letters to fellow believers to be exceedingly joyful and happy in the Lord from the worst possible dungeon in the Rome. The opportunity to be deeply contented in all circumstances is a special grace given to us by the Spirit which we need to make a part of our attitude and thinking. If we are able to sing and thank the Lord for all the circumstances whether they are good or bad according to human standards, these circumstances will be like Heaven for us. This is because the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is there with us and His presence makes it Heaven and it will drain us of all our grumbling. Remember, there is no room for any grumbling, complaint or murmur in Heaven, but only joy. So David is challenging us to live above the mean circumstances of this world and convert it into paradises because the Lord is there with us. Such contentment is the best advertisement for Heaven which emanate from the bright countenance of hope and peace in each of God's children and it should make others crave such contented life.

Philippians 4:12 & 13 - I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do every thing through Him who gives me strength.

Thought for Today
True contentment depends on our attitude and not on the material things that are in our possession.

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