Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mutual Inheritance

Verse for Today: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Psalms 68:9 - You gave abundant showers, O God; You refreshed your weary inheritance.

Our Heavenly Father showers abundance of goodness on His precious and beloved children. When they are parched because of the heat of the weary land through which they sojourn, His showers cool them off. His rain gives them living water to drink. It refreshes the bodies and minds of His children. God's children look up to Heaven from where the rain comes. If they look for rain from any source in this world, they would not get it. All that this world promises is a series of mirages which end up in perennial frustration. But God's showers of goodness gives them qualitative contentment. God's showers include His promises, His precious Word and all the goodness that He sends through His Spirit. One of the greatest reasons why these showers of blessings are sent to them is that the children of God are God's inheritance which He secured in His eternal wisdom, mercy and grace by transacting the very life of His Only Begotten Son on the cross of Calvary. So when God deals with His children, He deals as they are His precious and priceless possession. How wonderful it is that the Almighty God, the creator and sustainer of this universe considers us as His precious inheritance. In the process of sending His blessings to us, God has given Himself to us as our precious, marvelous and loving Father to possess and to cherish. We look up to Him for all our needs and seek His help in all that we attempt in this life. We express our indebtedness to Him through the sacrifice of our praises to Him and commit to live for His glory alone. God is our inheritance as our loving eternal Father through the rebirth that we are privileged to experience. At the same time, we are His inheritance through the death of His Son on the cross to purchase us as His special people to possess and to cherish In essence we owe it to God to possess Him as our inheritance and live for Him while He possesses us as His inheritance and keeps us safe and secure in His grace and love. This is the most beautiful of all the relationships that exist in this Universe, and it is designed for eternity.

Dear friend, are you making use of your relationship with God in your daily life? Do you consider Him as your inheritance and live in such a way that your relationship with Him is the most important in this life of yours? Are you seeking His help, support, strength, grace and mercy as you take each step in your life day after day? Do you look up to the Heaven for all your help to come from, in the form of the showers that He sends your way? Do you crave for His showers and torrents, or are you going to the broken cisterns of this world to quench your thirst? The water this world gives is contaminated and will make you spiritually sick and weak, and will cause you to slowly but steadily drift from His path. If you drink the water of power, possessions, positions, popularity, prestige and prominence that this world offers, it will defeat you spiritually.. Let us each day look expectantly at Him for all the help we need. Let us exercise our hope in faith to get all that we need from Him for which we need to look up to Him. He sends rains at the appropriate time. Only those who wait on Him will get what He sends their way. Only those who seek will find Him. Only those who knock at His door will have the opportunities open for them. If you search the precious things that come from Him, you will find it. But if you seek after the riches and the seemingly glittering things of this world, they will definitely disappoint you. The satisfaction this world offers is a hollow without any substance and quality in it even though the world will offer it to us in very attractive wrappers, bright colours and beautiful designs. But they will not stand the test of spiritual quality and will make you feel sleepy in the vanity fair of this world. Let us seek after the showers of blessings offered by the Lord on a daily basis and live with the greatest satisfaction that He offers for our spiritual welfare. As the Lord showers daily blessings on us who are His inheritance, let us shower authentic worship on Him who is our Heavenly inheritance.

Deuteronomy 11:11 - But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven.

Thought for Today
God's showers of goodness soak us in His blessings and refresh our souls as we walk through this weary land.

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