Friday, March 29, 2013


Behind the cross!
Verse for Today: Friday, March 29, 2013
Mark 11:07 – They brought the colt to Jesus and put their coats on it; and (Jesus) sat on it.

There were many colts in Palestine during Jesus’ time, but He chose to ride on one which was never used by anyone to ride. He was looking for a colt which could be fully dedicated for Him to ride. The colt had no experience carrying people, but it willingly and gracefully carried Jesus around. When Jesus rode the colt through the streets of Jerusalem, no one would have noticed the colt, but all saw Jesus and worshiped Him. The colt was not concerned about what to eat or the length of the assignment, but it would just trust its Master to look after its needs and toil. The colt rode with its head to the ground and would not raise it up so that it would not in any way be seen, but its heavenly rider would be seen with His head lifted up. But that was the greatest moment of contentment for that colt as it was chosen to carry Jesus around. The colt didn’t resist a new rider because that rider was its Creator God who had every right to ride on it. Jesus is today looking for lives which are fully dedicated to Him so that He can use it. The colt that Jesus rode had an earthly owner who had no reluctance to release it for Jesus. Jesus expects the same attitude from all His children with all our assets so that it can all be used for Him. Like that colt, we are fortunate to carry Jesus around as His witnesses. He doesn’t want us to carry anyone else in our lives. It is a great blessing for us to be His witnesses without being concerned about ourselves and our affairs. Our lives are for Him to use the way He wants. He has absolute claim over our lives because He created us through Adam and recreated us on the cross. Today let us untie ourselves from all our earthly bondage and submit all our faculties for Jesus to use us as we leave all our life’s concerns to Him.

Dear reader, are you bonded with the world around you or free for Jesus to use you today? Are you more concerned about your own well-being that you show reluctance to be of use to Jesus? Remember, the opportunity that you have today may never come back to you. There are so many others whom He can use, but it has pleased Him to ride on your life today which is your greatest privilege. In order to exemplify Him in your life, you will have to shed your ego, personal priorities and concerns for your welfare. When you surrender yourself to be His witness, He takes care of all your concerns. As His colt, you have no scope to expect great privileges like carrying the nobility and the wise of the world. The best you can expect from this world is to carry its perishable commodities. The world will force you to carry heavy loads for which all you get is some fodder at the will and pleasure of your taskmasters. But when Jesus rides on your life, you walk on decorated streets with the accompaniment of praise to the King. Today Jesus wants you for His agenda in this world. If you are willing to leave behind all the comforts and security of your earthly owners and all that binds you to the world, He will make use of you for His glory. When you carry His name in your life, He takes you forward with Him. Your great reward in this world is that your life lifts up the King of glory. But a greater reward awaits you at the Bema for promoting the cause of Jesus here on earth.

Luke 17:10 – “We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.”

Thought for Today
Hiding behind the cross of Jesus to glorify Him is the greatest privilege of the unworthy servants of the King.

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