Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Satisfaction guaranteed!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark 6:42 – They all ate and were satisfied.

A crowd of a few thousands is multifarious in its varied needs of different dimensions. The crowd consists of people of all age groups of both genders with different intensity of cravings and priorities. They were dissatisfied with the then religion which was shallow, external and degenerating. Then they heard Jesus and found His messages to meet their spiritual needs because He preached the true oracles of God. They didn’t go after Jesus for material food, but it came as a bonus. They were hungry for spiritual food and they went after the true manna from heaven. Their cravings could not be satiated with one or two messages from Jesus and so they ran after more. Jesus continued to serve them with spiritual food and gave them all that they could take. Even though they had no material food for some time, they didn’t grumble because that was not their priority. But Jesus knew their need for material food as well and gave them enough and more through the available meager substance. He miraculously fed them to satisfy their hunger. Even today Jesus satisfies the needs of all who go to Him with their cravings. He gives according to the intensity and diversity of our needs. He welcomes all the needy to His presence with the assurance that all their longings would be fully met. Today Jesus invites all that are spiritually hungry with varying spiritual needs to go to Him with great expectations. There is a guarantee to find fulfillment because He gives for our needs to be fully met. There is no limitation of means for Jesus. He gives the best in the right measure to each according to the intensity of need. He has no favoritism or prejudice in what He gives and how it is given. He wants us to sit down at His green pastures, trusting Him to give us to meet all our needs.

Dear reader, do you have a craving for all that Jesus has to offer today? Jesus offers all that would meet our spiritual, emotional and physical needs at all times and at all places. His presence is open for the needy people to go to Him. There are those who try to satisfy their physical and social needs through the bounty of God’s creation in nature, but disregard the spiritual nutrition that is offered to them freely. But the order of giving by Jesus starts with the spiritual. Those who take the spiritual food will grow spiritually and in faith. When the inner man is strong and mature, there would be greater trust in God. Jesus guarantees that if we sit at His feet, we would continue to taste the goodness of the spiritual nourishment that He provides. We will then be committed to live above the material world that tries to entice us. We are guaranteed that if we seek first and foremost after the spiritual things in life, God will provide us with our mundane needs as well. He will not allow the righteous to be forsaken or his children denied bread. Today Jesus entreats us to go to Him with all our intimate spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs as we sit at His green pastures. He will give us what we need at the right time in the right measure which will satisfy our every longing. There is plenty for all who go to Jesus with the right craving. There is a guarantee that what Jesus offers will fully satisfy whereas what the world offers will keep us perennially dissatisfied and spiritually unhealthy. Today is the day of God’s favor for us to go to Him as He waits for all the needy people to draw from His table of blessings and be satisfied.

Psalms 81:10 – Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.  (NLT)

Thought for Today
Meeting and listening to Jesus and partaking of His divine feast lead to full satisfaction of all the innermost longings of a human soul.

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