Thursday, March 14, 2013


Transforming power!
Verse for Today: Thursday, March 14, 2013
Matthew 8:14 – When Jesus came to Peter’s house, He saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever.

When Jesus visits us, we are in for great demonstration of His power on our areas of need. Jesus comes our way when we need Him most. He comes to meet our dire needs in our helpless situations. He comes to touch us and to heal us. He is out there looking into our weaknesses, shortages and battlefields. He knows our sick situations and comes as our Great Physician to sustain us and to make us whole again. When He comes to us, He touches us with His own hands and He lifts us up from our predicaments and sets us on our feet again. We do not need to continue to be weak, tired and sick because Jesus the healer is visiting us. He wants us to serve Him and His cause for which He will strengthen us. All the blessings which Jesus showers upon us are for Him to get us for His purposes in this world. But our service to Him is not an obligation, but a loving and grateful response to what He has done for us.  Jesus went to the banquet hall at Cana to meet a need. He went to Bethany to meet a need in the family of Lazarus. Today Jesus comes to us to meet our innermost needs which He knows in its depth and width. He has the right answer to our questions, doubts and confusions. He comes to us when we have a deep desire for Him to visit us. His visit to the banquet hall and the family of Bethany were because they desired that He visited them. When He comes to us, we can leave all our problems and needs to Him no matter how complex it might be because there is nothing that Jesus cannot handle. He has the power to transform our situations and remove all the clouds from our circumstances. Today Jesus is knocking at the doors of our problems waiting for us to open to Him so that He can come in and turn our homes around with His blessings.

Dear friend, are you facing difficult situations in your home and desire that Jesus comes in for a transformation visit? Do you have physical, emotional and economic ills which desperately need the touch of the divine hands? Have you come to the end of the rope attempting to resolve your concerns with your resources, intelligence and expertise? Will you reach a stage to say like Mary of Bethany that had Jesus been there, you would have become victorious in your painful situation? But you need to know that Jesus knows all about your situation and He is tarrying for a while to see to it that your faith in Him and His power is built up and made stronger. If you believe in His power, you will certainly see the glory of God. Just as Jesus visited the home of Peter, He wants to visit your home today. He comes with the full knowledge of your situation and the urgency of your needs. He comes in power and majesty to overrule the problematic situations that you are encountering. He comes with the perfect solution to your difficulty. He comes to touch you with His loving hands to transform your situation. He is perfectly capable and compassionately willing to touch you with His hands and give you the deliverance that you so desperately desire. Today Jesus of Nazareth is coming your way to transform your life and situation and give you a new beginning. Forget the past pain and misery of your life and look forward to the prospective jubilation that will emerge from the touch of Jesus in your situation.  

John 20:26 – Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”

Thought for Today
If we open the doors of our hearts and homes, the transforming power of Jesus will come in to impact us.

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