Monday, March 4, 2013


Giving beyond expectations!
Verse for Today: Monday, March 04, 2013
Genesis 42:25 – Joseph gave orders to fill (the brothers’) bags with grain, to put each man’s silver back in his sack, and to give them provisions for their journey.  (NIV)    

The way God gives to His people is not simply according to their needs, but according to His status and dignity. He gives His people far more than they ever deserve or expect. He fills our bags to the brim. We are asked to express our love to Him by giving to Him, but He gives it back in kind. He gives us provisions for our journey so that we would not need to be anxious about our daily needs. We can learn these lessons about God from the way Joseph gave to his brothers. They came to buy grains with money, but He gave them far more than their money could fetch. He filled their bags to maximum capacity. He returned their money to them even though they were not aware of it until later. He made separate provisions for journey so that all the grains he gave could be used for the whole family. This is a prime example of grace which gives everything to those who least deserve it. Joseph knew their needs more intimately and gave them out of his love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. Today when we go to God, He knows our needs intimately and gives us richly to meet all our needs because our God is immeasurably rich and amply benevolent. But we must go to Him, ask in faith and expect Him to give us to meet every need. He will not send us back empty handed or with our bags half empty. He gives His best to us for all our situations. Those who go to him with empty bags will go back with their hearts and bags full. When we open our bags, we will be in for great amazement seeing all that He fills us with as happened to Joseph’s brothers. Our God’s loving gifts will cause us to be eternally grateful to Him and be enthralled in His benevolence.

Dear friend, are you truly needy or do you feel self-sufficient? If you feel self-sufficient, you will not be able to get anything from your Creator and Sustainer God who wants to give you according to His benevolence. He wants you to go to Him by admitting your intimate needs, along with great expectations. He will fill your empty bags and hearts with His goodness and riches. He has enough to give to all who ask Him. He knows what to give us in the right measure at the right time. If you go with great expectations, He will meet it all according to His riches in glory. He will make sure that you do not lack any good thing. He desires that you go to Him with your mouths wide open for Him to fill it with His best.  His gifts build us up for His eternal kingdom. By going to God, we declare our emptiness and brokenness for Him to fill us with what He is pleased to give us. Today let us draw near unto Him with our mouths wide open for Him to fill us to the brink. He will give us enough for all the days of our journey. Our bags will be full with His riches which He wants us to use to feed the hungry among our household. When He gives, it surpasses all our expectations and satisfies our every longing. We have every right to go to Him because He is our Lord, Shepherd, Master and Provider. When we have such a benevolent and rich God, why should we be reluctant to go to Him and ask Him?

Psalms 81:10 – Open your mouth wide and I will fill it with good things. (NLT)

Thought for Today
God is the most benevolent giver who gives us His riches according to His measurement, status and dignity to meet all our most intimate needs.

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