Monday, March 25, 2013


Fearlessness of Faith!
Verse for Today: Monday, March 25, 2013
Mark 4:40 – (Jesus) said to His disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

It is sad that even after experiencing the demonstrated power of God power in our lives and that of others and in creation, we slip into unbelief. We might find fault with others for their unbelief and even counsel them when they are weak in faith. But unbelief is possible in our own lives if we take our focus away from Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. God brought us so far through the demonstration of His power in our lives. He sustained us by His mighty hands. He turned events, situations and people around by His power in order to keep us going. So our unbelief breaks the heart of God, especially after we had experienced His deliverance in difficult situations in the past. We can see that unbelief creeps into our hearts when our eyes are fixed on our unfavorable situations and circumstances. If we look at these negative situations, the probable outcomes grip us and take our confidence away. The moment we focus on the storms and the wind, it will captivate our minds to make us conclude that it might devastate us. But when we look at Jesus who is present in our lives and experiences, our fears will disappear. We must also realize that even in the midst of fierce waves and storms which threaten to break our boats, Jesus who is with us in our boats will never permit it. If we reaffirm our faith that He will keep us safe, we would not be fearful of the external storms which try to buffet us. Jesus wants to ask us as to why we are still afraid of the storms around us even after experiencing His power time and again in our lives? Today He examines our hearts and rebukes the waves and winds of fear, unbelief, doubt and anxiety in us.

Dear friend, are you buffeted by the winds of unbelief, doubt and fear in your heart about your present life situation? Are your circumstances so brutal as to appear to devour you in its whirlwind? Are the storms and the winds of the sea of life beating against you from all corners? But remember how you have experienced the hand of God in delivering you from such situations in the past? Do not forget the fact that Jesus is with you in all your life situations and circumstances. He knows the intensity of the wind and the waves that try to devour you. He has not lost His power and strength to deliver you from your fierce circumstances. Today He wants you to examine your heart to see how much you trust in Jesus who is with you. Jesus wants you to focus on Him and not on your external circumstances. He is concerned that you do not destroy your peace through fear and unbelief. He wants to reaffirm His commitment to deliver you from the external dangers and the internal fear, unbelief, doubt and confusion. Each day of your life is filled with His power and strength which delivers you from difficult situations and circumstances. Jesus is committed and faithful to take you forward to your destination victoriously and joyfully. He wants you to believe that you can safely sail with Him through the vast Red Seas, the tumultuous Seas of Galilee and the narrow Jordan Rivers of life. He has promised to take you to your destination and He is faithful to fulfill it as long as you row your boat according to His instruction. So let us sail with Him and experience a joy ride each day with Jesus. Let the whistle of the wind and the roaring of the waves be like musical accompaniments as Jesus takes us through the sea of life with songs of victory in our hearts.

John 14:1 – “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in (Jesus).” 

Thought for Today
Faith is the most powerful weapon against unbelief, doubt, fear and anxiety.

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