Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All Sufficient Shepherd! 
Verse for Today: Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Luke 2:8 – And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.

The greatest concern of our Great Shepherd is His beloved sheep that He purchased with His blood. He is out with us as in His green pastures by day or night. He watches over us as we rest and when we graze. He protects us from the enemy who tries to devour us. He is awake and never slumbers. His presence guarantees our safety, security, protection, provisions, peace and preservation. Our Shepherd lives for His sheep and has our utmost interest in His agenda. He makes all His resources available for us at all times. His powerful eyes are upon His sheep always to guide and lead us and to watch over us. He knows the dangers that confront His sheep and is ever so alert to see that they are protected from all attacks. We are invaluable to Him because as our suffering Shepherd, He sacrificed His life for us and endured the pain and agony of the cross for us. Through His stripes, all the ailments of the sheep are healed. He has a great relationship with each sheep and He recognizes us through our infirmities and frailties. He cares for all the weak ones and carries them on His shoulders as He walks with them. Our Shepherd never murmurs about our indiscipline, but deals with us through His staff and rod. He takes us to His grazing field where there are no shortages. He expects us to enjoy all that we need and keep trusting Him to provide us with our requirements on all our upcoming days. We are certainly fortunate to be in the flock of such a benevolent, loving, caring, kind and compassionate Shepherd who lives for our welfare and enrichment. When we have such a considerate Shepherd, there is no need for us to have anxiety about our provisions and protection!

Dear friend, do you ever feel abandoned, deprived and insecure in life? Are you afraid of the dangerous spiritual and moral darkness that prevails around you? Do you experience threats, uncertainty and chaos that loom large around you which take away your sleep and rest? Just open your eyes to see yourself in the flock of Jesus the Great Shepherd who is ever present with you. He protects you from all evil that linger everywhere to confuse your direction and drain your confidence in life. Surely you are living in a dark world, but the Son of Righteousness is shedding His brightness upon you. In His light, you will be able to see His provisions, protection, peace and provisions that are kept for you to gain confidence and courage. When we know and experience the presence of the Shepherd with us, we can enjoy His power and strength for our every spiritual, emotional and physical need. Such was the experience of Joseph, Daniel, Paul, Silas and Peter when they were locked up in the dungeons and dens of this world. David experienced the comfort and care of his Shepherd when he faced fierce and wild beasts like lion and bear, formidable enemies like Goliath and Saul and the attacks of the powerful armies of the enemy kings. When we know that our Lord is with us in His mighty power, we do not need to be afraid of beasts, villains and uncertainties around us. When we see our Great Shepherd in His glory dwelling with us through our spiritual eyes, our fears will be dispelled. We are more than conquerors in all these unfavorable situations because our victorious Shepherd is with us. Today let us enjoy the comfort His presence brings to us and experience His peace which ought to settle our emotions at rest in Him.

Psalms 95:7 – For (the Lord) is our God and we are people of His pasture, the flock under His care.   

Thought for Today
At the demonstration of the power of the presence of the Great Shepherd, all fears and uncertainties will disappear.

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