Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Learning from failures!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, April 17, 2013
John 21:6a – Jesus said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some (fish).”

There is an ocean of difference between doing things at our will and at God’s commandment. The secret of success of a child of God is to start by discerning whether his actions are prompted by self-will or by God’s instructions. In our urge to accomplish our priorities and goals, we often jump into our own decisions rather than wait for God’s will. But God comes to tell us to surrender our impulses to Him rather than go forward with our agenda. We are often like Peter and his brothers who went back to that which we they gave up for Jesus. But Jesus has a much better plan for us. When we get defeated in our own initiatives and as we reach the doldrums of our backsliding, He comes in search of us so that we can be restored. He meets us at the point of our greatest failures to rebuild our faith. He comes to take control of our failures and turn it around to accomplish His purpose in our lives. He shows us where, how and why we failed. He tells us that we must wait for His word to initiate actions. He meets us at the depth of our failures to encourage and strengthen us. He visits us in the depth of our discouragement and loss of dignity. He steps into strengthen our faith to keep going. He helps us to see our failures caused out of our individualism and self-will. He will be with us in our hopelessness, not to scold us or criticize us, but to give us another chance to put our faith in Him. Today Jesus comes our way to help us examine our failures and to get things right with Him so that our failures can be turned to great accomplishments for Him.

Dear friend, are you going through failures and defeats in certain areas of your life? Is there failure in your job, business, relationships, ministry, family life, or testimony? Do you feel that your means were right, and wonder why it ended in failure, loss and defeat? Are you facing embarrassment in life and have you become deeply discouraged because of failures? But at the bottom of your pit of failure, Jesus meets you to revive your sagging life. He comes not to find fault, but to turn your failures into great accomplishments for Him. He has the right answers to your questions about your failure. Perhaps you failed to ask for His permission before setting out. Perhaps your program was for your own accomplishments and not for the glory of God. Perhaps you ran ahead of God in your enthusiasm to get things done. But today He wants to teach you the greatest lessons that you must walk with Him rather than run before Him. If your desire is genuine to meet a realistic need, He will tell you what to do and where to cast your net. He doesn’t want you to wallow in your failures and get depressed, but to leap forward in new direction in hope and faith at His instruction. When you obey Him, there will be amazing results which will glorify Him. Your new catch will practically become His catch you got at His word. It will then be possible for you to sit in retrospect and rededicate your life for Him to use it as it pleases Him. The new lessons in faith will further equip you to become fit instrument in His hands. Your failure will thus become a turning point in your life for greater usefulness for Him. Just confess your inadequacy and powerlessness and He will transform it into great demonstration of His power. Today is your opportunity to use your failure as a platform to leap forward by faith.

Philippians 4:13 – I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

Thought for Today
When we surrender our failures and defeats to Jesus, He will transform our lives to demonstrate His mighty power.
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