Thursday, April 4, 2013


Daily faith!
Verse for Today: Thursday, April 04, 2013
Luke 11:3 – Give us each day our daily bread.

Prayer is the fearless expression of our needs to God. It is based on the faith we have in God to whom we address it. The depth of our needs overrule our pride and compel us to pray. The consciousness of our depravity persuades us to approach the greatest Giver. It is also our conviction of the capacity and willingness of the giver. When Jesus instructed His disciples to pray for their daily needs, He pointed towards the all sufficient God and His inexhaustible resources. Our admission of the need is the first step towards prayer. Secondly we admit that we are coming to the most benevolent Giver who is our heavenly Father. Thirdly we express our needs in simple words. Fourthly it is an appeal and a compelling cry for needs to be met. Fourthly our prayer declares the Father as the compassionate giver. Fifthly we confess our utter nothingness and sheer lack of any other source to feed us. Seventh, it is the loud cry for the daily needs of a follower of Jesus. Eighth, it is a confession that we have no one else or no other place to go to. Ninth, it confirms our conviction that if we ask, it shall be given to us in the right measure and at the right time. Tenthly it is a daily total and complete dependence without anxiety. Moreover, it is a public declaration that we will not go to any other place or person with our needs. All these compelling reasons point towards a life of faith and dependence on our Father to meet all our daily needs. On the other hand, the Father has taken it as His duty to meet the daily needs of His children according to the riches of Jesus Christ in heaven.

Dear friend, are you dependent on the sources of the world to meet your needs? If so, you will be grossly frustrated because all these sources dry down over a period of time. If you are aware of your needs in depth and believe in God’s capacity to meet it out of His kindness, prayer will naturally flow from your heart. If you are willing and able to put all your trust in the Father in Heaven to meet all your needs all the time, then He is asking you to express it by going to Him each day with your petitions. He is sufficient to meet all your physical, emotional and spiritual needs on a daily basis. So there is no need to go to any other sources with your pleas.  Jesus taught the disciples that they ought to learn a lesson from the animals and birds that do not store up for their tomorrows, but depend on their creator to help them find their daily food. The instruction of Jesus is that we go to the Father each day with the needs of that day. Then our days will unfold with His the fountain of His supply line. It is astonishing that long before we ask the Father, He knows our needs and has provisions kept ready. It is He who gives you energy and capacity to work to earn a living each day. It is He who sends His ravens, widows or angels with daily support. It is He who waits for you at the shore of your sea of life with grilled fish, bread and water for you to eat and drink to satisfy your needs. When we extend our open hands to God, He will not send us empty handed, but will fill it with all that we need each day. When we pray for daily bread, we confess our willingness to be contented with whatever He gives because we know that He gives His best to His children. Today He gives us another opportunity to practice such faith of total dependence by asking and receiving.

Psalms 107:9 – He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Thought for Today
Our dependence on God for all the needs opens the windows of heaven to shower it upon us.

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