Sunday, April 7, 2013


Fountain of praise!
Verse for Today: Sunday, April 07, 2013
Luke 18:43 – Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.

All that God accomplishes in this world are for the praise of His holy name. His acts are mysterious, astonishing and unparalleled. Jesus came to this world to touch and change the events and lives of people. It is amazing that when Satan caused to ruin the lives of human being through deception, God uses the same human lives to cause His name to be praised. Jesus used storms, sickness, shortages, failures and losses to cause people to praise His name. Every time He touched the lives of people and made them whole, it caused people to acknowledge it as a divine act. All who experienced His blessings praised Him. The blind man found that his blindness caused Jesus to receive praise from him and the onlookers. His blindness and begging has caused him to plead for healing from Jesus. Jesus made everyone to realize that when He touches lives and interferes in the events centering on people, it brings forth great changes in people’s lives. He comes to us today to make us realize that the various concerns and issues in our lives are used by Him to exhibit His power for our blessing. When He gives us jobs, positive results in our evangelistic initiatives, saving the souls of our dear ones, gives us victory in spiritual battle, good yield in our farms or leading us in our various ministries, we can see His hand and power in it all. When He accomplishes impossible things in our lives, it causes us to praise Him. When our prayers are answered, it causes His name to be praised. Sometimes, when He says ‘no’ or ‘wait’ to our prayers, the ultimate results make us to praise Him.  Today He wants to come and touch our lives in a special way to cause us to praise Him through the impact He causes in and around us.

Dear friend, are you depressed that certain unfortunate experiences came your way which has caused heartaches and frustrations in your life? Have you found that God has been silent and waiting to answer your prayers? Have you been going through difficulties of certain type like the blind beggar who sat at Jesus’ wayside? Jesus will not forsake you, but will come your way. One of these days, Jesus will walk by, just for your life to be changed. He knows that you have been struggling for some time and understands your troubled situations. He makes Himself available for you to cry unto Him for help. The crowd that is around will not be able to help you, but will only be a hindrance by rebuking you for disturbance. But Jesus is willing to stop for you with solutions to your predicaments. The blind man would have wondered as to why blindness came to his life! But the sight Jesus gave him amazed him and all who were around and they all praised Him. The pathetic beggar has now become a praising follower. His begging to man stopped when he begged God. The rebuke of the people could not shut his faith up. Even those who rebuked turned around to praising and rejoicing. Today Jesus wants to use your life and experiences to cause His name to be praised. But He expects you to cry unto Him for help even though He knows your situations well. He wants you to lift up your voice of faith to plead aloud for His touch. When you experience wholeness, He wants you to give your re-created life to Him to make it a fountain of praise to His name. When Jesus transforms your life, He wants it to be a source reasonable worship to Him.

John 11:40 - Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”

Thought for Today
God touches our lives to make us fountains of praise for Him.

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