Thursday, April 11, 2013


Tranquility amidst tumults!
Verse for Today: Thursday, April 11, 2013
Mark 6:31b – Then …….. (Jesus) said to (the disciples), “Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

God is concerned that His children go to find rest in His presence. But human life is such that we often find our days full of activities, turbulence and tumults. Our busyness thwarts us of rest for our bodies and minds. But God tells us that it is important to recharge our spiritual batteries in His presence. We will not be boggled with anxiety and cares of life when we are in His presence. We will find rich fellowship with Him and will engage in sweet communication with Him. It is when we quietly listen that the Lord will speak to us. He has a lot to tell us about Himself and His plan for our lives. Abraham developed a habit to meet with God daily at a particular time and place for rich fellowship. Their regular meetings developed into friendship which resulted in God revealing His plan of action to Him. Abraham received great promises from God during those quiet moments. It was there that Abraham laid down his burdens and shared his apprehensions and desires. Those were seemingly unstable days for Abraham who was a tent-maker, moving from place to place as a stranger and a pilgrim. But He was strengthened through those quiet moments. David experienced such quiet moments in caves and forests when he was a fugitive. But those moments produced the greatest psalms which depicted the character of God. Joseph, Paul and Peter enjoyed such quiet moments in their prison cells. John experienced the richness of his quiet moments with Jesus in exile in Patmos. God knows how much we all need such rest to regain strength and restore our brokenness. He encourages us to go near to His heart to take a break each day and rest a while to regain our vitality and vigor for Him.

Dear friend, are you leading a busy life which takes heavy toll on your body, mind and spirit? Do you ever feel drained out and exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually? God doesn’t want you to become a physical or emotional wreck and break down. He wants you to find enough time to rest and enjoy the peace that God’s presence would provide. His Spirit and Word will restore your brokenness and remove frustrations and stress. He will rebuild you through His Word to strengthen your faith and increase your trust in Him. He will establish your mind at peace in your tumultuous circumstances. He will find ways to handle your difficult situations. When you are alone with the Lord, you can express your concerns and confusions to Him and get vital answers. He is available to His children all the time and is willing to give us rest if we take time off to approach Him. During these quiet moments, He will share spiritual insights with you which will make your life aglow. Your heart and expressions will shine with His glory when you spend time with Him just as Moses did. Your heart will become a fountain of spiritual hymns in spite of your difficult situations as in the case of David. When you get revitalized and reemerge from God‘s presence, you will be able to share God’s glory with others as Paul and John Did. When you get the touch of His power, you will be able to reach out people who are weak and brokenhearted to impart spiritual healing. Today Jesus is asking you to take time off your tumultuous life to spend a few quiet moments with Him so that your life will be enriched with His glory, filled with His Word and moved by His Spirit to face future challenges.

Mathew 11:28 – Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  

Thought for Today
When we go to the Lord to unburden ourselves, He will fill us with His power and strength to live victoriously.

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