Saturday, April 6, 2013


Restoring Shepherd!
Verse for Today: Saturday, April 06, 2013
Luke 15:5 – When he finds (the lost sheep), (the shepherd) joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home.

We live in a world that is lost. Its people are lost in the quagmire of sin and its evil consequences. All its systems are corrupt. Its sinful environment tires to influence our lives and uses its tactics to succumb us to its deception. Its wild fire of destruction catches us unaware. The confusion it creates in our souls leads us to fretting and doubting our faith. Sadly sometimes we are lost from our walk with the Lord like Peter and his brothers soon after the resurrection. We are pushed into searching for answers to our problems in the sea of life which will go in vain anyway. It is at such times that we realize how our Lord is searching us out in the sea billows of our lives. He comes to our troubled situations to find us and to carry us on His shoulders to the shore of His security and sustenance. He rejoices when each of us is restored to fellowship with Him. Like Peter, we are often lost in the sea of frustration and despondency. Our despair deepens when all our attempts to settle our problems rebound. Our Lord comes to us as our Great Shepherd who has compassion on our lost estate. He knows where we have gone and how we have gone away from Him. He comes to us in our trouble-spots to regain us to Himself. He doesn’t come to find fault with us, but to restore our broken hearts and lives and reestablish our ruptured fellowship with Him. He always takes initiatives by prompting our spiritual senses to see Him, hear His instructions and lead us to the shore of rest, fellowship, conviction and satisfaction. It is our blessed privilege today to be found by our Lord to draw us closer to Himself. He is joyful when He finds a lost son or daughter to rebuild our lives.

Dear friend, do you feel that you are lost and do not really know where you are spiritually? If your faith is not strong and if you start doubting the power of God in your life, you might feel like you are lost from the grace in which He has established you. You would have probably been succumbed to the pressures of the Vanity Fair of this world. Perhaps you are sucked deep into the whirlpool of the inner currents of the muddy and corrupt sea of life that you have been sailing. It is likely that you are being battered by financial crunch, conflicts in relationships, family pressures, loss in business or failure in the ministry and isolation from dear ones. These mighty winds might be blowing strongly against you and push you to the brink of trouble when you begin to wonder about challenges in life. But even in such situations, know that your Lord knows your situations well. He doesn’t want you to run away and insulate yourself and allow your life to sink into greater trouble. Your Lord wants you to come back to Him and sit on His shoulders to enjoy His love and care. He is more interested in your spiritual well-being than your success in this world. He is committed to meeting your needs according to His riches in glory and making you a blessing. He is coming after you to the very spot where you got yourself tangled to rescue you. He will take you out of all the webs of situations that try to clutter and weaken you. When He finds you and takes you out of your troubles, there is great joy in the restoration that He imparts in your life. There is no greater thrill than enjoying the care and compassion that we can experience in the hands of our loving Shepherd.

John 21:12 – Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.”

Thought for Today
The love of the Shepherd comes back to search, find and restore the troubled sheep.

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