Saturday, April 20, 2013


Surrendered for glory!

Verse for Today: Saturday, April 20, 2013

John 2:11 – This beginning of His signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.

God is pleased to glorify Himself through the events in the lives of His children if we let Him. He lives on the praises of angels all the time, but is still interested in using our life events to bring glory to Himself if we submit ourselves to Him. At Cana, there was a serious problem of shortage that was submitted to Jesus by faith by Mary. There were also a few servants, six mud pots and plenty of plain water made available to Him. Jesus turned the problem into great prospect of jubilation in the banquet hall. He used the servants to fill the pots and they filled it to the brink. He used the mud pots to contain the finest vine. He used plain water to make vine in split second. He used ordinary materials and people as instruments to take glory to Him. He brought great joy for the family and removed the possibility of shame and embarrassment. He used the series of simple events to touch the hearts and lives of His disciples to believe on Him. Today Jesus uses ordinary lives, events, materials and situations to reveal His greatness and glory. He also uses us in different ways to be partners in declaring His glory. But we must tell Jesus our problems and surrender all the resources that are at our disposal to Him so that He can use it to show forth His greatness. Mary, the servants, mud pots, water and the vine have a story to tell about how Jesus used all these to resolve a crisis and filled hearts with joy and relief. Today Jesus is looking for surrendered lives so that He can use it to turn the impossible into great realities. He wants to transform us, our situations and all that we have into avenues of great glory to Him if only we give Him the freedom to use it all the way He wants. Otherwise it will all remain useless for Him.

Dear friend, are you unconditionally available for God to use you the way He wants so that your life can become a platform for His glory? If you do not commit yourself with all that you have, your opportunity to glorify God will be lost. Jesus wants to come to your situation to address your problems and concerns. He desires that you present your problems, shortages and failures to Him and ask Him to take charge of your hopeless situation to make it right. There is no situation in your life that He cannot handle. When He takes charge of your situation, He will turn it into a magnificent experience which will make others marvel and astonished. He will use the mundane resources at your disposal for greater vistas of blessing. He will turn your tastelessness into wonders in hospitality. He will use your earthen vessels to contain His blessings. All your resources will have eternal value when submitted to Him. But if you disregard the opportunities imparted to you by grace, you will ultimately be disappointed and will regret it at the end. The transformation that Jesus promises in your life is total and the result will have eternal implications in your life and that of others. But it demands obedience, faith, commitment and surrender to Jesus with full trust that He will turn your situation into unfathomable splendor.  Today Jesus is waiting for you to invite Him into your difficult situations so that He could come into take control and transform it for your joy and His glory.

John 11:4 - …it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.    

Thought for Today

When we submit the rags of our lives to Jesus, He will transform it into splendid outcomes for His glory.

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