Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Blessings for Believing!   
Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Luke 1:45 – Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.

A special blessing is experienced by all who believe in God’s promises as they wait by faith for its fulfillment. When God’s promises are fulfilled, it gives His people special joy as each fulfillment helps their faith to grow. They wait for God to speak to them through the written Word to strengthen their faith. They search the Scriptures daily to see what God has in store for them. These promises illuminate the glory of Jesus into their hearts because all promises are fulfilled in Him. So when God’s children read His promises, they believe it with their whole heart and soul because they are sure of its accomplishment. Thus they develop the conviction that each passing moment brings them closer to the fulfillment of these promises and enhances their expectancy. When they see the fulfillment of these promises in the horizon of their lives by faith, it brings joy unspeakable to their hearts. At the same time the Spirit of God who indwells in us will enable us to believe it. When God speaks and illuminates His promises to us, we receive the enabling to take it into our hearts personally and develop the confidence that it is for us in our particular situations. A promise is an announcement of what God is going to do for us in our lives in the days to come. All promises have God’s signature of certainty on it and so it will certainly come through. Thus we have the assurance of promise and its fulfillment by faith and the enabling to believe that in a matter of time it will come through. Such certainty fills our hearts with faith to consider the promise to have been fulfilled even before its realization, and takes us forward by faith to see its culmination. Elizabeth, Mary, Gideon, Joseph and David had such assurance which they experienced in their lives and found that it strengthened their faith to see its fulfillment. We are given promises by the same Lord today. His Spirit keeps giving us reassurances that in Christ it shall be doubtlessly accomplished.

Dear reader, do you ever wonder how God’s promises fill your heart with happiness long before they are fulfilled? Are you shaken by circumstances about the certainty of God’s promises and thus filling you with doubt and confusion about its fulfillment? If you allow the seeds of doubt sowed in your heart about God’s promises, a small plant of anxiety and apprehension will germinate which will grow into a large tree which will kill the joy of faith and expectancy in your life. The seeds of doubt, confusion and unbelief are sowed by the enemy of your soul and his agents. The enemy will add manure and water for his seeds to grow if we give him space and opportunity. The resultant tree will bring forth fruits of bitterness, disillusionment and depression which will challenge our faith and slowly make a confused doubter out of you. As you keep doubting about God’s promise and thus quench the Spirit of God, the enemy will work further in your heart not to take God’s promises seriously. Then you are in a way making God a liar because you no longer believe in God’s Word which is eternally secure in heaven. But if we sow the seeds of faith and trust, the tree of courage and confidence in God will germinate and will bring forth fruits of patience, maturity, peace and joy. Our heart will be filled with the sap of Jesus Christ to believe all that God has spoken and will be filled with the joy of the Lord which will be our strength to keep going by faith. Thus we are challenged to believe God and shape our days accordingly.

1 Peter 2:6b – The one who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.

Thought for Today
God’s promises are divine announcements of what He will do in our lives in the days to come.

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