Monday, April 22, 2013


Silent faith!
Verse for Today: Monday, April 22, 2013
Psalms 62:5 - My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. 

We sometimes find our circumstances blocking us from all sides which make us shocked in fearful silence. It makes us emotionally paralyzed and freezes our ability to respond. When we are pushed from all corners, we are overwhelmed with tension and end up motionless and speechless before God and man. But in such circumstances, even our silence and sighs with a burdened heart convey our feelings of desperation to God as unspoken prayers. There are times when our situations create utter darkness on our pathways and it is seemingly impossible for us to go forward. We may find that we are forsaken by all around us. Sometimes our flesh might be tempted to express negative emotions out of disbelief, unbelief and exasperation. Our fleshly mind might burst out words of curses in desperation which would in no way please God. Our hearts might tremble with fear and anxiety about the consequences of our situations. David, Daniel and Paul went through such experiences when the enemies attacked them from all sides. But they learned to be quiet before God rather than grumble and plunge into unbelief. Their experiences teach us that in the quiet moments when our hearts are burdened, and when we sit in silent meditation in God’s presence, our souls will find comfort and strength. Our hearts will be ignited with the fire of hope from God to strengthen us to believe that our God will send us deliverance. He is able to do exceedingly well for us so that we will get out of the shackles of circumstances created by the enemy. Our hope is not in our friends, physical strength, wealth, linkages or past experience, for none of these will come to our rescue. Today we are encouraged by God to go and sit in silence in His presence and wait for Him to act on our behalf to deliver us from the rough patches of our lives.  

Dear friend, are you a weary soul, pushed around by your circumstances? Is the enemy using your situations and the people around you to intimidate you and challenge your faith? Are you being unfairly treated by the world around you? Are you under attack through false evidences and distortions? It is possible that we lose hope in times like these. But the Psalmist gives us great encouragement that there is hope and help for us. Our deliverance and help come from God alone. Let us not take our burdens to the unsympathetic world around us. Our Lord is with us to give us unflinching support and strength to keep going in all our circumstances. He will send deliverance at the right time on the wings of a dove. Until His release comes to us, He will give us the patience and strength to hold on. We are admonished to keep silent and wait for the Lord's time to come. When we wait for the Lord in silence, He will renew our strength with His power. When we suffer deeply and drain all our spiritual energies in the bitter experiences of life, it is not easy to keep quiet. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the prime example for us in that He kept silent when treated unfairly. When abused and slandered, He silently suffered it all. Our silence might be misunderstood as weakness, but it is strength under control. One of these days a new morning of renewal will come our way full of rays of hope. Our Good Samaritan will come our way to lift us up, dress our wounds with oil, give us a drink to soothe our patched throats and take us to His presence for rest. It is then that the suffering and battered children of God will sing praises for His deliverance. 

Psalms 37:7 – Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Thought for Today
The wind of hope comes to us on the wings of faith as we wait in silence in God’s presence.

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