Thursday, April 25, 2013


Victory by faith!
Verse for Today: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Exodus 14:14 - The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  

Life seems to be a platform for perennial warfare among various forces. The world is full of fights and intimidation in the quest for winning at any cost. Satan with his agents of flesh and the world fights God’s children as part of his warfare against God. God’s children have warfare against their own flesh as well as against Satan and the world. Christian life is a series of battles where our enemy tries to ruin our life of faith. We are often terrified by the fierce battle in which the enemy uses subtle and cunning tactics and weapons against us. But we are comforted today because our Lord fights our battles for us. He sends His message of reassurance to His children time and again that He will lead us from victory to victory. Whenever God delivers His children out of bondage and hindrances, the enemy gets more and more agitated. So he increases the intensity of his attacks on us and uses newer tactics against us. He uses emotional weapons like fear, hopelessness, loneliness, anxiety, confusion and distress on the one side and confuses our situations on the other. He will bring in situations like red seas, thirst, hunger, Jordan and armies of the underworld to hinder our pathways. Simultaneously he will try to close in from behind with his a very powerful army of demons. Thus he creates a situation of hopelessness and fear in our minds and tempts us to plunge into grumbling. But God’s message of confidence comes to reassure us that we can face our enemies boldly because He fights our battles. He enables us to trust in His mighty power and rest in His promises. He gives us His armor to wear which will keep us secure during our battles. He uses us as weapons in His hands to fight the enemy. He leads us from victory to victory day by day as we submit our situations to Him.  

Dear friend, are you being terrorized by the enemy through bewildering circumstances? Are you losing courage and confidence to go forward for fear of the enemy’s subtleties?  Remember, your Lord has gone before you to ward off the hindrances of fear and anxiety from your pathway. The enemy will not overpower you because the Lord fights for you. He invites you to confide in Him and rest in His promises. Your enemy will never directly fight with God, but will use you as a proxy and try to defeat you so that he can cause embarrassment to God’s plans for you. But God wants to strengthen your faith today and gives you the assurance that you can find rest and peace in the midst of the battles in life. He is in control of your circumstances and will remove all barriers and hindrances for you to go forward. He has promised to take you to your destination through victory day by day. None of His promises will go void and it will all be accomplished at the right time. When the enemy uses hindrance to cause discouragement and phobia, God wants you to consider it as a time of testing of your faith. The entire heavenly hosts fight for you. God will not permit one of His precious children to be destroyed by the enemy. Today you are invited to go to His presence and appropriate victory, peace and rest even when you face the enemy with all his subtleties. You need to be still and silent, rather than cry out of fear, and march on with faith and trust in the Lord and in His mighty power. Your battle belongs to your Lord who will lead you to victory which you can claim by faith today and live in peace and rest.  

Psalms 18:32 – It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

Thought for Today
God’s children dwell in peace and rest amidst the battle cry of the enemy because their God fights their battles.

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