Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Loving demand!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Luke 19:34 – (The disciples) replied: “The Lord has need of it.”

God’s desire to use us and our resources is not because He is short of anything. All we have are His gift to us and so it belongs to Him. He wants to tell us that He is desirous of using even the base things that we are willing to entrust with Him. His message to us today is that He is willing to use us and all that we have if we willingly submit it to Him. The One who walked on the sea billows doesn’t need earthly transport to move from place to place, but willing to travel upon us at our pace and take glory through us. There were so many colts in Palestine at that time and Jesus could have used any of them, but it pleased Him to use a particular colt that He chose. If the owner of the colt denied Him the freedom, he would be the greatest loser in the world. The greatest blessing an animal gets in this world is to allow its creator to ride on it. Carrying Jesus and taking Him around is the greatest privilege any one could ever imagine or experience. God wants us to realize that all that we have are given to us by Him in His mercy. Sometimes He permits us to have things from this world by using our human faculties. But Jesus is interested in that which He has given us according to His will and on the basis of the principles given in His written Word. When we truly, earnestly and willingly give ourselves to Him, all that we have will also belong to Him. He will then have the freedom to take it for His use at His will and pleasure. Today Jesus demands all that we have as an expression of our love to Him. Such submission will not deprive us, but will enlarge and enhance our contentment.

Dear friend, do you ever wonder why the God of all creation wants to use you and your base resources for His glory? His desire to use you is out of His grace and love to give you an opportunity to be used by Him. Just as the colt gets the great privilege to be the means of transport for the Son of God, we are given the privilege to carry the glory of God around for others to behold, fall down and worship Him. When God uses you today, He makes it an investment for you in eternity which will come back to you at the Bema. But if you don’t use your faculties, resources and health for Him, it will be expended here on earth for temporal accomplishments. When God loved us, He gave us His best. So if we love God, isn’t it reasonable that we give our best to Him? Will God be satisfied if we give our second best to Him in return for His best? Today we must give Jesus the freedom to untie any of our resources from us and take it for His glory. The One who owns the cattle of a thousand hills is not short of a colt to ask you for yours. The owner of all the gold mines of this universe is not short of cash to take a few coins from your pocket. The God of timelessness is not short of a few seconds to take it from your short lifespan. But when you lovingly and willingly let Him use it for His glory, He is well pleased and satisfied. When you thus look after His affairs and use all your resources for Him, He will mind your affairs and meet all your needs at the right time in the right measure. Today you are challenged to place yourself like the colt Jesus traveled with all freedom to use you as He likes.

Luke 17:10 – “We are unworthy servants; we have done only that which we ought to have done.”

Thought for Today
When our worthlessness is used of God, it becomes worthy in His sight.

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